Use the Convert YouTube to MP4 Site

One of the most unfortunate things about streaming video sites is that they do not allow you to watch videos when you do not have internet. Sometimes you are watching a video and suddenly it starts buffering in the middle. Even if this buffering takes a few seconds at a time, five or six buffering stops can completely ruin your visual experience. If you do not want to constantly be at the whim of your internet connection’s speed when you are watching YouTube, you may want to consider downloading the videos and watching them off your hard drive.

convert youtube to mp4

Streaming is great when you have a blazing fast connection, but if you are living in a dorm or an apartment with other people, you may not always get the best access to the internet. If everyone is trying to stream videos or play games at the same time, the internet can get bogged down. And sites like YouTube are often impacted the most. So if you are experiencing slow loading times, with YouTube constantly going to the SD video option because your internet is too slow, you may want to consider using the convert youtube to mp4 site to download the video before you play it.

By downloading the video beforehand, you can watch it uninterrupted whenever you want. Even if the video takes a little longer to download, you can always go and do something else while the download finishes. Perhaps you can go to the bathroom or make yourself a snack for dinner. And by the time you are done, your download will be complete too. And you will not have to worry about streaming glitches, your browser closing or any other errors giving you problems. You will get to enjoy your short or long-form video with the peace of mind of knowing it is already downloaded.